What We Do – Alpha Wireless

When you’re building a wireless network, work with a partner that knows antennas. Alpha Wireless advises you confidently through your build so you achieve the highest performance and the greatest return on your investment.

We listen to you. To your goals, your business needs, your unique network topology. We collaborate with you to design and deliver a network that will stand the test of time in an ever-changing industry.

Confidence to Make the Best Choices

Consumers are demanding greater and greater amounts of bandwidth for 5G, video, IoT applications and more. For operators, there is tremendous opportunity in the 3.5 GHz spectrum to meet these demands and close the digital divide. Yet, this opportunity comes with challenges.

Building a new network or extending an existing network using 3.5 GHz is risky because it’s new. There are interference challenges, geographical barriers and zoning and concealment issues that can slow down your project and cost you time and money. Working with an experienced partner gives you confidence and the results you need.

Opportunity Meets Capability

Antennas are only two percent of a network budget. However, choosing the right antenna for the right application can have a huge economic impact. It can reduce the number of nodes you need and ease zoning and concealment issues. It can also increase your return by delivering the kind of performance that creates customer satisfaction and retention.

We have more than 15 years of global experience in all kinds of network builds, but especially 3.5 GHz. We have developed our broad antenna portfolio in response to the issues we’ve seen. We know what your network needs, and if we don’t have a suitable solution, we’ll build one for you on your schedule.

We’re Alpha Wireless, your antenna partner. We advise, design and deliver.

Our Management Team

Fergal Lawlor
Chairman, Director, CEO

Founded Alpha Wireless in 2007. Through his leadership the company has grown to be recognized as a leading innovator of carrier-grade antenna solutions.

“The secret of our success is collaboration with our customers. We build antenna solutions that are not only technically superior, but also address business and operational challenges.”

Larry Mackey
Chief Operations Officer, COO

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2018 and is responsible for Research and Development, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management company wide.

“The importance of understanding the requirements of our customers combined with a culture of innovation, quick response and a philosophy of total quality is at the heart of all we do in Alpha Wireless.”

Estela de Benito
Chief Financial Officer

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2012 and is responsible for Alpha Wireless financial discipline and fact-based decision making.

“In order for Alpha to maintain its agility and quickly serve our customers’ needs, we must continue to maintain a solid financial foundation.”

Philip Brennan
Senior Vice President for North America

Philip joined Alpha Wireless in 2020. Philip moved from Dublin to the United States in 2013, and brings a wealth of experience from working with both small and large companies.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to help grow the Alpha Wireless business in North America. We have a great team here and the right solutions for a growing wireless market.”

Michelle Bolger
Global Sales Director

Michelle joined Alpha Wireless in 2014. Michelle brings over 30 years of sales experience, a wealth of commercial knowledge and a passion for business growth to Alpha Wireless. She is joined by an outstanding team committed to delivering world-class products to our customers.

Michal Svarc
VP Engineering

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2012 and directs antenna solutions design.

“Antenna design is part science and part art. My team’s extensive experience has allowed us to create high-performance solutions through truly innovative designs.”

Stephen Wall
Production Manager

Stephen joined Alpha Wireless in 2010 and is charged with guaranteeing quantity and quality from the production team.

“Alpha is blessed with a talented, hardworking and cohesive production team. We take pride in crafting the finest antennas solutions.”

Fiona Lindsay
Human Resources Director (Global)

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2014 and is in charge of staffing and skills development.

“The strength of the Alpha family is no accident. By taking care of the welfare of our team members, we take care of our customers.”

Martin Barrett
Director, Solution Development

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2008.

“Deep understanding of our customers’ problems, coupled with challenging ourselves to develop innovative products, drive Alpha to produce industry changing solutions.”

Tim Sill
Technology & Business Development

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2017.

At Alpha Wireless, we are striving for leadership excellence through firm, yet fair practices and building collaborative, high-performing teams that stay focused on customer satisfaction, delivery, cost, and quality.”

James Findlay
Quality Manager

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2018. James manages the quality processes in Alpha that guarantee the quality and reliability of our products.

“Quality is not something you add to a product. Quality is the result of thoughtful design, superior execution and ongoing process improvement. I am charged with upholding the reputation of Alpha Wireless as high-quality, carrier-grade producer of antenna solutions. At Alpha quality is designed and built in!”