Alpha Wireless is proud to have been part of breaking new ground in the 5G field, providing antennas for a 5G-enabled mobile network at Millbrook Proving Ground that enables self-driving vehicle testing.

In a UK-first, the AutoAir consortium, led by Airspan Networks and hosted at Millbrook, last month demonstrated the UK’s only independent 5G-enabled infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) at the grounds in England.

The event showcased the transmission of data at 5G-like speeds of 1Gbps, and the technical capabilities of small cell base station sites installed at Millbrook.

Millbrook emphasised that it was an important step in improving CAV technology as it enabled self-driving vehicle tests to be carried out in a secure environment using a private, tuneable mobile network.

“Developers can simulate weak and strong cell signal and understand the impact of hills and other terrain in a single location, while having access to all data generated during testing,” Millbrook said.

“Alpha Wireless was delighted to have supplied the antennas for this trial, with 5G readiness a major focus for us”, Director of Sales Michelle Bolger said. “The company was thrilled to play a role in such a significant trial for this technology”.

“The 5G roll-out is set to transform the wireless industry as we know it, and CAVs are a good illustration of the kind of changes we can expect. We’re seeing huge advances every day in the sort of technology that 5G makes possible, and Alpha Wireless is committed to leading the way with the infrastructure that is necessary to make it work.”

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