There was only one place for us to be from 6-8 May 2019! That’s right, theBig 5G Event at the Colorado Convention Centre in Denver, where the annual telecoms industry get-together attended by most major North American Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators and wireless internet service providers.

Alpha Wireless CEO, Fergal Lawlor, said, “There were fantastic keynote sessions on a vast array of 5G topics, including automation and intelligence, virtualisation, cloudification, smart city deployment as well as the disruptive nature of 5G”.

Sheer scale of 5G

Lawlor continued, “It was a great opportunity to help raise awareness of the Alpha Wireless brand in North America. We were thrilled to receive lots of interest in our products with a keen interest in the rCAN [Rooftop Concealed Antenna Node]. It integrates the antenna as a shroud, radio and power into one, easy-to-install rooftop solution. Ideally suited to flat roofs. The rCAN is not visible to pedestrians at street level. It was an insightful show – incredible to think that 5G will be able to support the connectivity demands of three times the world’s population in years to come!”

Experts from infrastructure providers such as Ericsson and Cisco Systems, plus mobile operators Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T, spoke at the event.

Attending the event alongside Lawlor on behalf of Alpha Wireless were Ryan White, VP Corporate & Business Development and Tim Sill, VP Technology & Business Development.

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