Alpha Wireless will take delivery of Vecta’s propriety fully automated dynamic (vibration) test system, specifically developed for high-volume testing of antennas.

This will be the first time this equipment is used in Europe and extends Vecta’s global deployment of dynamic test systems to four continents.

The system was introduced by Vecta in 2015 as an integral part of its patented transportable anechoic test chamber, specifically to enable passive intermodulation (PIM) measurements under dynamic conditions intended by the controlling IEC standard (60237).

Vecta’s solution has been widely accepted as best practice for highly automated, controlled and repeatable dynamic testing necessary for PIM and other performance parameters, and is now available independently of the transportable anechoic test chamber.

Alpha Wireless, a market-leading specialist in designing and manufacturing high performing, superior quality antenna solutions –from macro to small cell antennas – is excited to be part of this next step with Vecta.

Fergal Lawlor, founder and CEO of Alpha Wireless said: “The Vecta dynamic system is currently the best solution available in the market and has become an industry benchmark. Alpha Wireless products are subjected to an exceptional level of scrutiny and rugged testing that can be expected from any independent facility – our products are tested to the highest level, simulating real world conditions.”

For more information please contact Fergal Lawlor @ [email protected] or Darren Webster @ [email protected]