Why antenna installation doesn’t have to be the hot-button issue

There was once a time when people thought that improving mobile phone reception meant lifting their
phone into the sky. Fortunately, things have improved vastly since those days.

But with network improvements, new problems have arisen – specifically, concerns about the

Network operatorsimprove reception by both installing low-power small cells and improving their highpower
macro network. To improve the macro network either more equipment has to be added at a
given location or new locations need to be added.

When adding equipment to a macro location on tall buildings things can start looking messy. Property
owners and the community are now more sensitive about aesthetics. Rather than adding more
antennas, a great solution is to remove existing, messy antennas and replace them with a single
streamlined antenna canister that does the work of the old and the new proposed antennas.

When adding a new macro location no one wants an old fashion lattice tower that looks like it was
made from a child’s Erector Set. Communities prefer sleek mono-poles with streamlined antenna
solutions at the top. In addition, if a macro site is to be added to a rooftop a streamlined antenna
solution is much more likely to be approved by property owners and the community.

“The visual impact of mobile technology infrastructure across the board has definitely rocked the boat
where community planning is concerned. People want these modern conveniences, but don’t want to
pay for it by destroying the look of their communities, towns and cities – nor should they have to,”
Alpha Wireless Chairman and CEO Fergal Lawlor says.

“Meeting that goal is the driving force behind Alpha Wireless. We want to ensure that when it came to
improving technology, it isn’t a choice between what works well and what looks good.”

AltaFlex, a problem solver
It is hardly surprising that antennas are such a hot issue; not a week goes by without a news headline
regarding the latest battle between community and mobile operator over proposed network buildout.

“The good news is that there are network antenna solutions available to the market place that have
been developed and are constantly improving to resolve issues particular to community and
environmental aesthetics,” Alpha Wireless CCO Brad McManus says.

“Whether it be pole-top or roof-top by replacing panel antennas with a single AltaFlex AW3363, one
can add network capacity while beautifying the macro cell site making the RF planner, property owner
and community happy.”