rCan Case Study

The Alpha Wireless rCAN solution is designed to enhance wireless connectivity. It is a freestanding, small cell antenna unit and a truly integrated solution; containing the antenna, shroud, radio and power. It is mounted easily and discreetly on a rooftop providing superior network coverage both inside and outside the building. There is no visibility to pedestrians on street-level.

Alpha Wireless antennas used for UK-first 5G-enabled network 

Alpha Wireless is proud to have been part of breaking new ground in the 5G field, providing antennas for a 5G-enabled mobile network at Millbrook Proving Ground that enables self-driving vehicle testing.

Urban Canyon antennas need to be beautiful

Solving the operators challenge of increasing coverage and capacity at the same time while meeting municipalities’ requests to preserve the landscape of communities are competing requirements.
“People don’t want a ‘junk yard’ of equipment (power/backhaul/radio/antenna) in their ‘back-yard’ at the expense of good mobile, broadband coverage,” said Tim Sill VP Technology and Business Development Alpha Wireless. So, to make progress, antenna providers need to make aesthetics a priority.

Cameron Kilton, Director of Sales US WISP Markets joined the DoubleRadius, Inc. team for technical training on the Alpha Wireless product line in April. Team building spirits were high as they enjoyed an Ultimate Frisbee game during lunch!