Alpha Wireless is again knocking back the challenge of difficult zoning and planning requirements with its two latest products.

The AW3744 panel antenna and the AW3747 pseudo omni antenna have been designed with aesthetics as a prime concern. Alpha Wireless is known as a trusted technical partner globally, and these products’ capacity to improve coverage without the visual impact one might expect reiterates why.

With the ability to support LTE and 5G, Tim Sill VP Technology, Alpha Wireless says the solutions are already proving to be a big hit.

“The compact designs of the AW3744 and the AW3747 have had positive feedback even before being officially launched. Planning and zoning issues are among the biggest headaches operators face, and these antennas are the optimal solutions to that problem,” he said.

“While appearance has been a key consideration here, it is by no means the only priority. They are PIM certified with the Vecta Labs shock table validation processes and perform to the highest quality standard. The panel antenna is an ideal solution for improving coverage in a high capacity hot spot, while the pseudo omni is perfect for general coverage enhancement applications.”

The products offer a high port count, enabling multiple operators or application for high capacity coverage across mid-band, CBRS and LAA, with the low band extending down to 617MHz.

Both antennas meet the current U-NII-1 requirements for gain and side lobe performance.

“The key benefit of these products is clearly the huge savings they create. They lower the overall network operational costs by providing a single, very affordable solution that supports multiple frequencies,” Sill said.

“The AW3744 and AW3747 also save time and money when it comes to planning because of their low visual impact – achieving faster approvals through jurisdictional approval processes.”

The Alpha Wireless goal is to change the way wireless networks are built, and a major part of that is thinking outside the box to ensure the company is first to market with the best solutions.

“We listen harder, we work smarter and we deliver faster. The AW3744 and the AW3747 are great examples of the result of that.”

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