CBRS MOVERS: Year in Review and Outlook for 2021

Despite the challenging backdrop presented by the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 will forever be remembered as a breakthrough year for the wireless industry. Not only did operators make significant strides in deploying 5G networks more widely with low-band spectrum, but the market landscape continued to evolve with the consolidation of the third and fourth largest operators and rise of cable competition.
Over the coming year, the fruits of this democratization of access to spectrum will become more apparent….
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New OTARD Rule Supercharges WISP Model of Broadband Deployment

Alpha Wireless welcomes this decision. We already have several innovative solutions that meet the OTARD requirements. We are looking forward to working with our WISP partners to help speed up broadband deployments
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What other countries can learn from the UK’s Shared Rural Network

In a world where the digital economy is the lifeblood of countries’ wealth, the provision of high-speed wireless connectivity has become a critical enabler. The black swan event that is the coronavirus pandemic has only served to exemplify this, facilitating the continuation of office and classroom productivity from home.
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Alpha Wireless Small Cell Antenna Solutions Brochure

As consumers’ appetite for mobile connectivity and data soars, wireless network operators are seeing capacity pushed to its limits.
At Alpha Wireless our ultra-compact, small cell antenna solutions are designed to help wireless network operators increase their capacity and coverage and solve this rising demand problem.
Custom Solutions to suit your specific site requirements
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