• Freq: 1710 – 2690MHz
  • Ports: 12 (4 Ports per sector)
  • Beamwidth: 65⁰
  • Gain: dBi 17.5
  • Tilt: eRET
  • Primary Family: Canister


The AW3359 is a 12 port 1.8 meter Tri-Sector Canister. It covers mid band frequencies 1710-2690 MHz. There are four mid band ports per sector. Sectors are equally spaced at 120° orientations at 0°, 120° and 240° degrees azimuth.

The AW3359 offers a compact macro type solution in one of the slimmest Tri-Sector form factors in the market. This aesthetically pleasing solution enables network operators to locate antennas closer to users due to favourable planning views compared to other antenna solutions. This antenna can be mounted on monopoles of 330mm diameter or on roofs and sides of buildings.

Canisters provide multiple antennas into one attractive package. These canisters deliver an elegant macro solutions for pole-top, rooftop and street-works applications. Alpha Wireless produces the highest performance, smallest diameter canister in the marketplace.

Ordering Information:

  • AW3359-E-F   Enclosed Remote Electrical Tilt (eRET) with 4.3/10 Connectors


  • Multi-band Tri-sector antenna 1710-2690MHz.
  • Low PIM performance to reduce interference.
  • Enhanced tilt range.
  • Flange mount design.


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