• Freq: 1695-2690 / 3400 – 3800 / 5150 – 5925MHz
  • Ports: 10 (6P 1695-2690 / 2P 3400-3800 / 2P 5150-5925MHz)
  • Beamwidth: 360⁰
  • Gain: dBi 8 / 5 / 5
  • Tilt: Fixed
  • Primary Family: Small Cell


The AW3768 is a 10-port multiband omnidirectional canister with a 2-foot housing. It covers mid band 1695 – 2690 MHz with six ports, 3.5 GHz CBRS 3400 – 3800 MHz with two ports, and 5150 – 5950 MHz with two ports. This antenna delivers 360° of horizontal coverage in an ultra-compact radome. This fixed tilt antenna features minimal azimuth pattern ripple and delivers maximum throughput in a visually appealing 24” length x 10” diameter canister.

Small Cells are a family of ultra-compact antennas which allows for network coverage and capacity increases almost anywhere. This aesthetically pleasing antenna’s small form factor allows for easier architectural approval. A number of mounting options are available and the small cell solutions can be deployed on lamp posts, utility poles, and walls. Small cell antennas support 2×2 MIMO and 4×4 MIMO with fixed and variable electrical tilt of the elevation beam.

Ordering Information:

  • AW3768-T0-F            Zero Degrees Fixed Tilt with 4.3/10 Connectors


  • High Port enabling multiple operators.
  • Compact design – low visual impact.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.


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