• Freq: 2496-2690 / 3300-4200MHz
  • Ports: 2
  • Beamwidth: 360⁰
  • Gain: dBi 5.5 / 7.0
  • Tilt: Fixed
  • Primary Family: Small Cell


The AW3826 is a 2-port wideband omnidirectional small cell antenna designed for use in strand mount solutions. This antenna provides dual ±45° slant polarization with both ports supporting the 2496 – 2690 MHz and 3300 – 3800 MHz frequency ranges. The AW3826 is designed to be mounted with the connector ports located below the radome so that the drain holes are pointed towards the ground. The AW3826 delivers stable gain across a dual-bands and in a compact 8” length radome.

The AW3826 provides omnidirectional coverage for 4G and 5G private networks using the 2.5GHz S-band, Broadband Radio Service (BRS), and Education Broadband Service (EBS) spectrums and 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and C-band spectrum. This antenna supports LTE Bands 41, 42, 43, and 48 and 5G NR bands n7, n41, n77, and n78.

For stand mount applications requiring the antenna to be mounted with connectors pointed up, use the AW3776 configuration instead which has equivalent antenna performance and functionality.

Small Cells are a family of ultra-compact antennas which allows for network coverage and capacity increases almost anywhere. This aesthetically pleasing antenna’s small form factor allows for easier architectural approval. A number of mounting options are available and the small cell solutions can be deployed on lamp posts, utility poles, and walls. Small cell antennas support 2×2 MIMO and 4×4 MIMO with fixed and variable electrical tilt of the elevation beam. This Wideband Omni has been designed for use in a strand mount solution. The Tilt is fixed to T0 so it may be oriented with the connectors either at the top or bottom.

Ordering Information:

  • AW3826-T0-F      Zero Degrees Fixed Tilt with 4.3-10 Connectors


  • Wide-band antenna for bands 41, 42, 43 & 48.
  • Designed for Strand Mount Application.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.


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