• Primary Family: AISG / RET Products.


AISG / RET Controllers – A family of ultra-compact controllers which are used in the field to control the Electrical Downtilt (eRET) of our antennas. PADC-1000 is a portable AISG device controller that allows users to quickly access AISG devices such as RET and TMA. Users can easily manage and configure the AISG devices by connecting the controller to a PC with USB cable and using RS485 to connect to the AISG devices.

Ordering Information:

  • PADC-1000


  • Compliant with Antenna Interface Standards group (AISG 1.1 & 2.0) standard.
  • RS485 A/B pin switch software selectable.
  • Power output 12VDC software selectable.
  • Able to control different brands of RET antennas and TMA’s.
  • Supports software download.
  • Compact design for the site engineer.


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