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Utility Antenna Solutions

Alpha Wireless designs antennas for utility private LTE networks. Our extensive portfolio includes dual-band and single-band antennas that are suitable for nearly any network configuration. The lead product in this family is our AW3874 dual-band panel antenna. It delivers high-performance 900 MHz and 3.5 GHz signals in one compact form factor.


CBRS – Best Sellers

Alpha Wireless with its extensive CBRS antenna portfolio are global leaders in the CBRS market.  Our high-quality antennas boost network performance and reliability, cost-effectively. Our variable tilt antennas can optimize tuning in the overall network, reduce interference, and provide greater throughput.


3.5GHz – antenna solutions brochure

Alpha Wireless, an Irish company with over 15 years’ experience designing and manufacturing 3.5GHz – capable antenna solutions. We have pioneered pseudo-omni, small cell, panel/beamforming, concealment and tri-sector/canisters in both 2.5 and 3.5 GHz to help increase capacity in existing LTE networks and prepare for future 5G networks.


Small Cell brochure

At Alpha Wireless our ultra-compact, small cell antenna solutions are designed to help wireless network operators increase their capacity and coverage and solve this rising demand problem. They are multiport, multiband and have been designed and engineered to provide optimum power, low interference level and high capacity to areas where it is really needed while equally retaining their discreet form factor.


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