19 04, 2021

Analysis: The Neutral Host Model is Sprouting Wings.

The trifecta of shared spectrum, small cells and emerging technologies such as eSIM and edge computing are making neutral host mobile networks a reality. Enterprises and dedicated solution providers see a market ripe for change, and one in which wireless […]

2 02, 2021

A Global Overview of Spectrum Sharing Initiatives.

A Global Overview of Spectrum Sharing Initiatives.

The successful commercialization of the CBRS band in the United States has reverberated through the wireless industry. For the first time, the market is transitioning away from being carrier-led and is, instead, […]

17 07, 2020

Private LTE and CBRS: The utilities perspective

The utilities sector is in a state of profound transformation. In keeping with other sectors of the economy, data is the new oil – harvested from an increasingly large network of sensors across the grid and enabling real-time control […]


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