19 04, 2021

Analysis: The Neutral Host Model is Sprouting Wings.

The trifecta of shared spectrum, small cells and emerging technologies such as eSIM and edge computing are making neutral host mobile networks a reality. Enterprises and dedicated solution providers see a market ripe for change, and one in which wireless […]

12 03, 2020

Alpha Wireless releases new concealed canister flag antenna

The AW3789 canister antenna has been specifically designed to accommodate applications to display flags in parks, business complexes, and on rooftops.

This fully integrated canister antenna accommodates low and mid band frequencies with eRET capabilities for optimal […]

17 09, 2019

Alpha Wireless Advances Intelligent Connectivity

The countdown for attending Mobile World Congress (MWC) has begun! Everyone at Alpha Wireless is excited to be exhibiting at MWC19, North America’s leading event for the wireless industry being held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre […]


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